Ironing gift ideas for busy new parents

Are you shopping for a gift that will be appreciated and meaningful to busy new parents? Help new parents create time for the things that matter and spend less time fussing over ironing chores. We know ironing isn’t most parents’ top priority but is still a necessary task to complete. Braun designs household products that make life convenient and housework more enjoyable and efficient.

Why gift a Braun iron?

Skip the usual baby accessories, apparel, and toys when it comes to gifting new parents, and stand out with a Braun iron whose relevance will outlast any baby products. Help new parents save time and energy by making ironing a breeze with one of our steam or steam generator irons.

Designed with features and smart technology like:

Garment protection

All our Steam irons and Steam generator irons are designed with settings and modes to treat different types of fabrics with care. Braun Steam irons come with variable temperature and steam settings to remove creases from low-temperature delicate fabrics like acrylic, nylon, and polyester to high-temperature fabrics like viscose, cotton, and linen. Braun Steam generator irons feature intelligent modes that self-regulate temperature and steam output on various fabrics to treat them with care so you can be assured your designer clothing always looks new. 


Busy parents will really appreciate a self-cleaning iron as that’s one less thing to clean and maintain the iron performing at its optimum to smooth garments efficiently and keep them looking new for longer. Braun Steam irons and Steam generator irons have self-cleaning systems that remove lime scale and prevent calcium deposits that may leave marks on your fabrics when ironing. Unclogging the steam holes also means maximum pressured steam output if you’re using a Steam generator iron.

Vertical steam 

Iron curtains and upholstery easily or give your hanging clothes a quick touch-up using our Steam irons and Steam generator irons vertically. No need to set up an ironing board, just plug it in and it's ready to iron in seconds. Convenient for new busy parents to sanitise their infants’ clothing before putting them on.

Strong steam impact

Braun Steam irons have a strong steam impact of 45g-50g/min on Turbo mode when you need deep permeation of steam into your fabrics and a steam shot of 160g-220g/min for targeted removal of resistant creases. For a powerful continuous steam rate, our Steam generator irons expel steam output of 120g -125g/min and a super steam shot of 350g-500g/min. Strong steam impact means effortless de-wrinkling and helping busy parents conserve energy for the things that matter.


Tired of juggling baby chores and work, busy new parents would love how easy it is to glide and remove creases. Experience the world’s first FreeGlide 3D technology for the best gliding sole plate with Braun’s Steam and Steam generator irons. Braun Steam iron sole plates are made of quality non-stick material allowing the iron to glide smoothly and not pull fabric. Super ceramic sole plates and Eloxal sole plates enable even heat distribution for easy de-wrinkling and are scratch-resistant which means optimum performance for longer even as your iron ages.

Braun Ironing Gift ideas 

With so many features to help busy new parents stay on top of their ironing without stress while still having time and energy for their infants, a Braun iron makes a practical and meaningful gift for busy new parents to keep the family's laundry neat, sanitised, and smelling fresh. No parent will want their baby to fall sick before its immune system is fully developed and Braun's irons can help.

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Ironing gift idea #1 - TexStyle 3 Steam iron

An entry-level model, the smallest capacity water tank (270ml) is ideal for a small family or single parent who does not have many hard-to-iron fabric garments or linen to iron. Relies on a mechanical knob to adjust your desired temperature setting. Anti-drip system prevents water dripping on clothing even at low-temperature settings. The TexStyle 3 Steam iron heats up to the maximum setting rapidly in 35 seconds, which is great for last-minute ironing jobs or touch-ups. 

Learn more about the TexStyle 3, suitable for basic ironing needs. 

Ironing gift idea #2 - TexStyle 7 Pro Steam iron

If you have a bigger budget, buy the TexStyle 7 Pro - an improved version of the Texstyle 3 Steam iron with a better quality sole plate (EloxalPlus coated), a stronger steam output rate, and better steam vent designs, it gets the ironing job done quicker than the TexStyle 3. Enhanced features like a longer cord add convenience when ironing vertically, very useful for curtains and hanging garments. 

Discover more about our premium Steam iron - TexStyle 7 Pro

Ironing gift idea #3 - CareStyle Compact Steam generator iron

Offers higher performance than Steam irons, the CareStyle Compact Steam generator iron is suitable for small families with a large load of laundry and those who iron a few days worth of laundry at once. Perfect for busy new parents who want to save on storage space (takes up 50% less space than Carestyle 7) and want absolute efficiency and professionally pressed clothing without breaking a sweat.

The powerful continuous steam output is double that of a steam iron and permeates layers of fabrics so you iron both sides at one go. Your friend or relative will be thanking you for cutting their ironing time in half.

The 1.3L separate water tank means uninterrupted ironing with less refilling of water and no waiting time for the iron to heat up. Tired from carrying the lil' bub, new parents will surely love a lighter iron that glides to straighten out creases.

Find out more about the compact but mighty Steam generator iron - Carestyle Compact.

Ironing gift idea #4 - Carestyle 7 Steam generator iron

One of the best gifts you can give any time-strapped-ironer who must achieve perfectly pressed clothing, linen or curtains no matter how big their laundry pile.

The 2L water tank capacity means you can get through more ironing uninterrupted, as Braun's lightest iron, new busy parents can iron without feeling fatigued and rest their overused arms and hands from carrying their lil' bub while doing housework. 

Carestyle 7 Steam Generator Iron comes with three modes for every need. iCare mode to protect all kinds of fabrics, Eco-mode for power saving, and Turbo mode to smooth creases from the toughest fabrics. (Turbo mode is not available in Carestyle Compact). The Turbo mode is also capable of removing bacteria to sanitize clothing and linen, helpful to keep babies safe from germs and skin irritations even as they sleep on mom's or pop's shoulder.

Discover more about our top-performing Steam generator iron - Carestyle 7.


With our selection of ironing gift ideas for busy new parents with different ironing needs and our range of irons with various price points, there will be a suitable gift for your loved one. Surprise your loved one with a Braun iron and show them your thoughtfulness and care as they embark on their new journey of parenthood. A practical and time-saving gift that will outlast any baby product. 

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