8 things you should consider before buying a steam iron

Are you shopping around for a steam iron but aren't quite sure where to get started and how to pick the right iron for your ironing needs? 

We give you the lowdown here to help you decide if a steam iron suits your needs and things you should consider before purchasing one.  

Benefits of a Steam Iron

Steam irons are known to be efficient and effective in clearing piles of ironing and producing professional results with little effort.

Investing in a reliable steam iron makes an indispensable household helper with its numerous benefits:

  • Time saving - As urban dwellers, we are often time-strapped with little spare time for ironing chores. This is where having an iron with a strong steam output can help to straighten out the creases in every piece of clothing in the shortest time.
  • Professional look - Looking sharp doesn’t get any easier than with a steam iron that can give your clothes an instant professionally pressed look. This could very well make or break an important occasion or meeting since first impressions always count.
  • Versatile use - From linen to cotton and polyester, different fabrics require different levels of care, especially so when it comes to ironing. Steam irons do come with different levels of fabric settings so you get the optimal temperature when ironing different types of fabrics. This ensures well pressed results without damaging the material.
  • Durable - The steam iron has become a popular appliance in every household, mainly because of its easy maintenance and time efficiency. With proper care, it can make a worthwhile investment that lasts a long time.

For an average small to medium sized household, investing in a good steam iron will give you enough mileage to get your ironing chores done in the quickest time possible.

This can really help save you time and effort to clear the laundry pile so you can focus on other important things.

How do you then select the right steam iron that best fits your needs and gives you maximum bang for your buck?

We explain the key features and functions that you should consider when shopping for a steam iron so that by the end of the article, you can confidently choose the right steam iron for your ironing needs.

Key features and functions to consider when buying a steam iron

  • Steam rate and distribution
  • Variable settings for fabric-care
  • Water tank capacity
  • Wattage
  • Weight and ergonomics
  • Sole plate material
  • Cord length

1. Steam rate and distribution

The magic that helps you press clothes professionally without the hard work. The higher the consistency of the steam output level, the faster and easier it is to remove the creases. 

The TexStyle 7 Pro Steam Iron boosts 60% more steam and intense power into tough ironing jobs. The adjustable steam power provides exactly the right amount of steam to permeate the fabric faster and easier. 

For thicker fabrics like curtains, the TexStyle 3 Steam Iron can deliver steam shot of up to 160g, even vertically. This makes eliminating creases so much easier and cuts down ironing time so you can focus on other important tasks.

2. Variable settings for fabric-care

A good steam iron would have the right temperature and steam setting to treat different fabric types with care while being able to remove resistant creases.

One tip to help you optimise your iron temperature is to sort your laundry according to fabric type prior to ironing. Ideally, start from the most delicate fabrics that use the coolest setting, right up to the hottest setting for heavier materials.

Using advanced steam technology, TexStyle 7 provides the flexibility of Turbo steam shots with a simple push of a button, to help you work through the toughest wrinkles on heavier materials.

3. Water tank capacity

A large tank capacity means less time spent refilling the tank and fewer interruptions, so you clear that pile of laundry quicker. Ideal if you have a ton of ironing to do.

The TexStyle 7 has a 300ml tank that is easy to refill with longer mileage. Get through more laundry in one go and free up precious time to spend with your loved ones.

4. Wattage

The wattage of a steam iron determines how quickly the iron heats up to your desired setting to get a strong steam output for fast de-wrinkling.

Both the TexStyle 7 and TexStyle 3 have excellent wattage power - 2400W and 2350W respectively, to support the irons’ efficiency and functions.

The rapid heat-up time makes it speedy to refresh your clothing so you look sharp for that important meeting.

5. Weight and Ergonomics

Be sure to test the iron in your hand like you are ironing to get a good feel of the weight and grip. An iron that is comfortable to handle will make ironing more pleasant and effortless.  

The TexStyle 7 steam iron is powered by the world’s first FreeGlide 3D technology, which enables you to glide easily over buttons, pockets and zippers. Since there is no need to constantly adjust the fabric to avoid new wrinkles, time and effort are saved.

6. Sole plate material

Sole plate material determines how smooth ironing will be, as certain materials tend to stick to the fabric and pull while ironing. Choose non-stick materials like stainless steel and ceramic sole plates that help the iron glide on fabric without pulling for a faster and smoother ironing experience. The more scratch-resistant the material is, the longer the iron can perform at its optimum even as it ages. 

The TexStyle 7 features Braun’s best gliding soleplate. The unique coating EloxalPlus provides extraordinary glideability to accelerate the ironing process. By effectively smoothing your garments, you finish ironing quicker than ever before. Discover more here.

7. Cord length

If you plan to iron hanging curtains or other upholstery, a longer cord will make it convenient for you to reach every area and iron vertically. 

With TexStyle 7 that comes with a power cord of 2.5m, this makes ironing curtains a breeze. 

What’s more, it comes with an anti-drip function so there won’t be water leakage while you iron, which makes ironing vertically more pleasant and safer too.


With smart features driven by innovative technology, the steam iron is built to get through your laundry pile fast and effortlessly. The large water tank gives you uninterrupted ironing sessions without the need to refill water and lightens the iron so you glide over instead of pressing garments and linen. The strong steam output permeates layers and removes creases easily including smoothing hard-to-reach corners and thick materials.  

Discover the innovative features and have peace of mind that your favourite designer garments and linen are safe with our smart textile protection modes. Ironing has never been faster, effortless, and more intuitive with Braun's range of steam irons.

Don't iron too frequently or have a small household? Our TexStyle 3 Steam Iron is the ideal choice for you. If you iron a lot or are looking for a higher-performance iron that can handle any fabric and workload, the TexStyle 7 Pro Steam Iron will save you time and deliver professional results.