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  1. Top 10 time-saving ironing hacks for a more enjoyable festive season

    Top 10 time-saving ironing hacks for a more enjoyable festive season

    The festive season is a time for vacations, partying, and spending quality time with your kids who are on school holidays. No matter which one best describes you, it can be a busy and stressful time of the year. Here are ten time-saving ironing hacks for a more enjoyable festive season.

    Look dashing with your party dresses and outfits even while on vacation, with our ironing hacks that will leave you time for gift shopping. We show you how to easily iron while taking care of those special tablecloths, table runners, and cushion covers that you only take out during festive occasions. 

    1) Iron delicate and low temperature fabrics first before high temperature fabrics

    Save time by sorting your laundry according to fabric then start with ironing delicates and other fabrics that require low temperatures. By the time you get to non-crease-friendly materials like cotton, denim, and linen, the iron's temperature will be hot enough to iron them easily. No time is wasted waiting for the iron to cool down or heat up to your desired temperature setting.

    2) Invest in a steam generator iron

    Say yes to steam, the secret weapon to removing wrinkles fast. Did you know the powerful steam of the steam generator iron can permeate multiple layers of fabric at once? Even ironing large items like

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  2. 5 kid-friendly smoothie recipes to try with your jug blender this festive season

    5 kid-friendly smoothie recipes to try with your jug blender this festive season

    It's the festive season and while the kids are on school holidays, we share these kid-friendly smoothies that can be easily made using your jug blender. Why not involve the kids in making the smoothies, they might surprise you with quirky ideas beyond any adult's imagination.

    They'd be your little helpers at your next party too. What's better than making kid-friendly smoothies designed by kids for kids and the young at heart?

    When you throw parties, the jug blender makes it a breeze to make smoothies, even your little ones can help you make and garnish the smoothies, while you focus on prepping food and hosting guests. 

    To help you get started, here are 5 kid-friendly smoothie recipes that most kids will love. All you need is a powerful jug blender to easily crush ice, blend frozen fruit and process your ingredients into a smooth smooth smoothie.

    1) Kids’ chocolate, banana & chocolate hazelnut spread smoothie

    Nothing excites children like chocolate and chocolate hazelnut spread. Don’t leave the kids out when it comes to parties where adults have adult drinks. Score points as the aunt/uncle that makes an effort to delight the kids.

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  3. 3 easy festive recipes to try with a hand blender

    3 easy festive recipes to try with a hand blender

    Has your hand blender been sitting in the kitchen drawer for too long? Here are 3 easy festive recipes to try with your hand blender to whip up a holiday season feast without a sweat. Impress your guests with these simple-to-prepare but hearty dishes great for sharing around the table.

    Here we introduce an appetiser, a main course, and a dessert where a multi-functional hand blender like the MultiQuick 7 is the best kitchen assistant to help you get food prep done quickly and conveniently. Did you know you will still have time to buy gifts and decorate your home with these simple-to-prepare recipes?       

    1. Appetiser - Pico de Gallo

    Adapted from

    Servings: 4

    Author: Lacey Baier of A Sweet Pea Chef

    Making this appetiser is super easy, leave it to your hand blender to chop, mince, and slice the ingredients. A great dish for family and friends to break the ice over, whet guests' appetites with this zesty and tangy appetiser, consisting only of fresh fruit and vegetables, it's suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and those allergic to gluten.

    You will love the Pico de Gallo as it can be made in advance, and the flavours continue

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  4. 6 Easy cocktail recipes to try using a hand blender

    6 Easy cocktail recipes to try using a hand blender

    The festive season heralds merry-making, feasting, festivities, and get-togethers with family and friends. If you’re planning to throw parties this season, these easy-to-make refreshing and piquant cocktails are sure to please everyone young or old. Take out your hand blender and add a personal touch to your drinks with these 4 easy-to-make cocktails and 2 child-friendly mocktails.

    1. Classic daiquiri with a fruity twist – Peach Daiquiri

    Everyone's heard of a strawberry daiquiri but personalise your daiquiri with any seasonal fruit or what you crave. Here we show you how to make a Peach Daiquiri using the versatile hand blender.

    You can use fresh peaches or frozen or canned peaches for this recipe. Of course, fresh peaches taste better with the natural sweetness and a hint of tartness but don’t be too hung up on getting them if you can’t find them.

    2 servings


    • 2 Peaches
    • 1Tbsp Honey
    • Juice of 2 medium limes
    • White rum (as desired)
    • Ice


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