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  1. Which soleplate is best for ironing?

    Which soleplate is best for ironing?

    In the ideal world, we would test ironing our clothes and soft furnishings while shopping for an iron. But when we can’t, this is where you will learn about soleplates, the common materials used to make them, and their advantages and disadvantages so you can confidently decide which is the right soleplate for you.   

    The soleplate is the part of the iron that comes in contact with clothes and fabrics when ironing. The soleplate’s material affects how well the iron glides over fabrics and how effectively it removes creases.

    Generally, a good soleplate is non-stick and doesn’t cause the fabric to snag when pressing. It should also retain and distribute heat evenly, and be scratch-resistant, durable, and easy to clean. Add on minimum maintenance to those characteristics and you have an excellent soleplate.

    Pros & Cons of common materials

    Let’s look at some common materials of soleplates and their pros and cons.

    Stainless steel and aluminium are popular materials because of their durability and affordability. Ceramic is often preferred for its smooth gliding ability and even heat distribution, however, it is quite fragile.

    Below we look at the different materials in detail and how their characteristics affect ironing.

    Stainless Steel Soleplates

    Pros – Stainless steel soleplates are good conductors of heat and have even heat distribution, they glide easily over fabrics which makes ironing smooth. They

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  2. How to save time and effort when ironing?

    How to save time and effort when ironing?

    Do you dread ironing and pretend you don’t see that big laundry pile waiting for you? What if we told you ironing can be easier and less tiring? In this article, we share 7 hacks that are guaranteed to minimise ironing time, conserve energy when ironing and produce crisp clothing in less time and effort.

    1. Be a savvy shopper

    If you really dislike ironing and want to avoid it as much as possible, fill your wardrobe with clothing made of wrinkle-resistant fabrics like synthetics, polyester, nylon, Lyocell and rayon, they will be easy to keep crease-free and require minimum ironing.

    2. Washing to reduce wrinkles

    Use the permanent press/wrinkle control cycle on your washing machine or dryer. The gentle mode is suitable for synthetic materials and doesn’t agitate the laundry as much as a normal cycle and its spin cycle engineered to prevent creases from forming.

    The way you wash your clothes directly affects your ironing. The next time when doing the ‎laundry consider lessening the time of the spin cycle and spin on a low speed to minimise creases. But that’s not all! ‎Overloading your washing machine will lessen the space between the clothes causing ‎additional creases.

    Sorting your laundry according to weight also means washing more light items in one load and preventing

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  3. 7 blender recipes that will make eating healthy easy

    7 blender recipes that will make eating healthy easy

    Eating out may be convenient but how healthy is it for you and your loved ones? We can’t control the quality of ingredients, seasoning and oil that go into your food at your favourite eatery.

    Eating clean is healthy but when you buy meals from outside, the cost does add up over time. Imagine if eating healthier can be convenient and saves you money as well.

    This is possible, especially with a reliable kitchen blender and easy recipes for nutritious, tasty food and drinks to spice up your healthy eating journey.

    Here are 7 recipes for jug blenders and hand blenders like the MultiQuick 7 hand blender that comes with multiple accessories that chop, blend, grind, whisk, mash and crush ice so food preparation is quick and convenient. 

    1. Goji berry orange ginger lemonade with turmeric
    2. Oat flour
    3. Banana Nut Blender Muffins
    4. Five-minute cashew sauce
    5. Basil and mint dressing
    6. Mango and lime dressing
    7. Cauliflower rice

    1. Goji

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  4. 10 reasons why you'll love Braun's jug blender: A buying guide

    10 reasons why you'll love Braun's jug blender: A buying guide

    Braun jug blenders are designed for the home cook who wants to whip up healthy meals conveniently and efficiently, so you can eat healthier without spending money on wholesome takeout meals.

    The jug blender is a versatile kitchen appliance mainly used to liquefy ingredients to purees and pastes but can be used to grind and crush food too, depending on the model. Creamy soups, salad dressings, sauces, creamy spinach, super berry smoothies, protein shakes are just some of the food you can make using the jug blender. 

    Braun offers two models in Singapore – the PowerBlend 3 and Identity Collection Jug Blender which we will share what makes our jug blenders are popular and why people love them.

    10 reasons why you will love Braun’s jug blenders

    1.   Innovative technology

    Braun’s appliances have innovative technology to help you finish kitchen tasks to a high standard efficiently and with little effort.

    The PowerBlend 3 and Identity Collection Jug Blender

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