Braun hand blenders are the centre of attention in every kitchen.

The world’s most renowned design associations have distinguished Braun’s hand blenders with various awards and seals of quality due to its timeless, minimalistic design of technological innovation, quality and versatility. Well-balanced ergonomics and functional features, such as SmartSpeed button, EasyClick shaft and soft-grip handle, merge to form an appliance as distinctive as a work of art.

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  1. Braun MultiQuick 3 hand blender, a glass, and a mixer on a white background.
    MultiQuick 3 Hand blender Sauce

    MQ3035 Sauce

    SGD 99.90
    Out of stock
  2. The MultiQuick 1 Hand blender MQ10.001M in white
    MultiQuick 1 Hand blender


    SGD 69.90
    Out of stock
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