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  1. 5 ironing hacks for perfectly pressed menswear

    5 ironing hacks for perfectly pressed menswear

    Do you marvel at flawlessly pressed and crisp garments that come out from professional laundromats and think how can you iron shirts like that in your own home?

    Every trade has its secrets and here are 5 ironing hacks that will help you achieve those crisp and smooth results in your own home. Which man wouldn’t want to look their best, undoubtedly perfectly pressed shirts and pants help to boost confidence a little bit.

    1. Sort items according to fabric

    It is always wise to sort garments according to the fabric before you embark on ironing as different fabrics require different temperatures and moisture levels to smooth out.

    Follow the care instructions on clothing labels to protect your garments and keep them looking new for years. Look out for symbols advising the appropriate temperature to iron the garment.

    Fabrics like acrylic, nylon, Lycra/ Spandex, and polyester only require low heat when ironing and can burn easily if the setting used is too high.

    Fabrics like viscose, cotton and linen require higher heat to achieve a professional finish.

    Start by ironing garments that require the lowest temperature and then move to higher temperature fabrics like cotton and linen. This way you save time waiting for the iron to heat up or cool down each time you adjust the gauge.

    Unless you own the Carestyle 7 Steam Generator Iron, that advice is a gold nugget for quick and effective ironing.

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  2. Hot soup recipes to try using a jug blender

    Hot soup recipes to try using a jug blender

    Hot soups are not complicated to make, especially when you have the right equipment like Braun's PowerBlend 3 - a high-speed, thermo-resistant jug blender that will puree your cooked ingredients into a consistency you deem perfect.

    Hot soups conjure up warm feelings of home, they’re so comforting on a cold day or when you’ve got the sniffles and want a hot and hearty yet light meal to help you feel better.

    Here we introduce 5 easy-to-make hot soups where vegetables are the main ingredient. We will dish out 7 tips in the recipes to show you how you can save time, avoid kitchen mishaps and reduce clean-up while using the jug blender.

    1. Pumpkin soup with feta and oregano

    These are some reasons why you would love the versatile pumpkin. It keeps very well in a cool place uncut and the pumpkin can be cooked in countless ways such as boiling, steaming, roasting and deep-frying. Pumpkin is used in soups, snacks, roasts, desserts like Chinese pastries, orh nee (yam paste) and pies. There's no end to what you can make with pumpkin.

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  3. Food processor vs hand blender: what's the difference?

    Food processor vs hand blender: what's the difference?

    What is a food processor?

    A food processor is a round container with a large blade that sits flat at the bottom attached to a motorized body.

    It usually includes a disc and various blades to shred, slice and grate dry ingredients and accessories like a dough and whipper tool.

    The food processor is great at performing kitchen tasks like grating, slicing, shredding, kneading, grinding and pulverizing.

    The preset variable speed control gives you precise control over the texture and consistency optimum for your creation.

    Common uses include making pesto, slicing veggies into thin shreds and making dough.  

    Check out our TributeCollection Food Processor and how it can help you prep quicker and save time.    

    What is a hand blender?

    A hand blender (Also known as an immersion blender/ stick blender) is a compact hand-held appliance designed to puree, whisk, and emulsify loose ingredients into smooth paste/liquid forms. Common uses include blending soups and smoothies.

    That said, hand blenders with powerful motors and robust blades can be capable of chopping hard foods like ginger, nuts and cheese and perform multi-functions when paired with attachments and accessories.  

    Discover the

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  4. 7 Hand Blender hacks for more efficient food preps

    7 Hand Blender hacks for more efficient food preps

    1) A fruit cocktail dessert served in a watermelon


    How would you like to present a mixed fruit cocktail straight inside a watermelon that doubles up as a bowl? Sounds complicated? With a hand blender, it’s a piece of cake. It's more efficient than cutting up the fruit and could be a conversation starter. We show you how it’s done in a few steps.  

    Step 1

    Cut off the top of a large watermelon, deep enough to reach the flesh and to make an opening wide enough for the hand blender shaft to fit inside. What is remaining after cutting off the top would be the size of your bowl. 

    Step 2

    The Braun MultiQuick 7 Handblender will easily cut through the flesh and blend watermelon juice right inside the watermelon skin. Take care to blend the flesh only and avoid the skin.

    Step 3

    Adjust the flavouring with syrup, a fizzy drink and alcohol as you like. Let your imagination run wild over here. Use the jug blender attachment to crush ice for an extra cold drink or to blend other fruit juice.

    How about a watermelon sangria? The blender

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