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  1. Blender vs Juicer: what is the difference, and which should you buy?

    Blender vs Juicer: what is the difference, and which should you buy?

    You may be wondering what's the difference between a blender and a juicer, and which makes a suitable choice for you? Well, they both have their merits and uses for which you might need both, but we will discuss the key differences in the article to help you decide.  

    What is a Blender?

    A blender features a jug with a blade system and sits on a motorised base. It is used for crushing solid ingredients like ice and processing ingredients into fine pieces, pastes and purees. Use a blender for soups, smoothies, chutneys, pesto sauces and more. Fill the jug with the ingredients to blend, lid on and start to blend. 

    Discover Braun’s award-winning design power blenders, the PowerBlend 7 and the PowerBlend 3

    The PowerBlend 7 automatically crushes ice at a pre-set timing ensuring a smooth ice-blend. The German designed blade system, powerful 1000W motor and intuitive speed sensor will cut through hard ingredients ensuring a consistency befitting of a premium smoothie.

    What’s more, the Smoothie2Go cups allow you to blend directly in the cup, put on the secure lid and take your smoothie with you on the go. 

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  2. What is a hand blender & why do you need one?

    What is a hand blender & why do you need one?

    When it comes to preparing your favourite soups, smoothies, dressings, sauces and desserts, the hand blender can process your ingredients to the perfect consistency and texture that you desire. Let's discover the benefits of a hand blender and how when paired with attachments and accessories, becomes an all-in-one kitchen appliance that can blend, chop, crush, dice, slice and whisk, making food preparation simpler and quicker.

    What is a hand blender?

    A hand blender is a handy assistant to have in your kitchen to help you blend and chop ingredients quicker and easier without leaving a mess.

    Also known as an immersion blender and stick blender, a hand blender is light enough to be hand-held in one hand and is immersed into the ingredients instead of pouring the ingredients into a jug like a conventional jug blender. 

    The hand blender basically performs the same functions as a jug blender, except with greater flexibility and portability. The Braun Hand Blenders come with attachments expanding the functions that home chefs can perform with a single appliance.    

    Why do you need a hand blender?

    Multi-functional and Ease of use


    The hand blender takes the fuss out of cooking, it combines numerous kitchen appliances

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  3. Cool Recipes to Try Using a Hand Blender

    Cool Recipes to Try Using a Hand Blender

    Hand blenders are your ultimate kitchen assistant. There are countless things that you can do with them. They feed you when you are rushing to work in the morning, planning a fuss-free date night dinner or whipping up a three-course meal for your family and friends.

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