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  1. 8 things you should consider before buying a steam iron

    8 things you should consider before buying a steam iron

    Are you shopping around for a steam iron but aren't quite sure where to get started and how to pick the right iron for your ironing needs? 

    We give you the lowdown here to help you decide if a steam iron suits your needs and things you should consider before purchasing one.  

    Benefits of a Steam Iron

    Steam irons are known to be efficient and effective in clearing piles of ironing and producing professional results with little effort.

    Investing in a reliable steam iron makes an indispensable household helper with its numerous benefits:

    • Time saving - As urban dwellers, we are often time-strapped with little spare time for ironing chores. This is where having an iron with a strong steam output can help to straighten out the creases in every piece of clothing in the shortest time.
    • Professional look - Looking sharp doesn’t get any easier than with a steam iron that can give your clothes an instant professionally pressed look. This could very well make or break an important occasion or meeting since first impressions always count.
    • Versatile use - From linen to cotton and polyester, different fabrics require different levels of care, especially so when it comes to
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  2. Ironing gift ideas for busy new parents

    Ironing gift ideas for busy new parents

    Are you shopping for a gift that will be appreciated and meaningful to busy new parents? Help new parents create time for the things that matter and spend less time fussing over ironing chores. We know ironing isn’t most parents’ top priority but is still a necessary task to complete. Braun designs household products that make life convenient and housework more enjoyable and efficient.

    Why gift a Braun iron?

    Skip the usual baby accessories, apparel, and toys when it comes to gifting new parents, and stand out with a Braun iron whose relevance will outlast any baby products. Help new parents save time and energy by making ironing a breeze with one of our steam or steam generator irons.

    Designed with features and smart technology like:

    Garment protection

    All our Steam irons and Steam generator irons are designed with settings and modes to treat different types of fabrics with care. Braun Steam irons come with variable temperature and steam settings to remove creases from low-temperature delicate fabrics like acrylic, nylon, and polyester to high-temperature fabrics like viscose, cotton, and linen. Braun Steam generator irons feature intelligent modes that self-regulate temperature and steam output on various fabrics to treat them with care so you can be assured your designer clothing always looks new. 


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  3. 2 types of jug blenders: Braun PowerBlend 3 vs Braun Identity Collection Jug Blender - A buying guide

    2 types of jug blenders: Braun PowerBlend 3 vs Braun Identity Collection Jug Blender - A buying guide

    Once upon a time, there was only the jug blender - A jug with a blade system that sits on a motorised base. It is used to process soft ingredients into fine pieces, pastes, and purees but models with a powerful motor and strong blade can process hard ingredients like ice.

    The jug blender is commonly used to make creamy soups, smoothies, dressings, pesto sauces, etc. To use, fill the jug with ingredients to blend, put the lid on and start blending.

    These days, there is the hand blender (also known as immersion blender/stick blender) - compact, handheld, and with a blade system, is a contender that performs the same functions as the jug blender. Instead of filling ingredients into a jug in the case of a jug blender, the hand blender shaft is immersed into the ingredients inside any vessel. 

    Do I still need a jug blender when the hand blender which takes up less space can perform the same functions? Let's consider the advantages of a jug blender vs a hand blender.

    What are the advantages of a jug blender vs a hand blender?

    • Powerful Motor for efficient and smooth results
      The jug blender may take up more space than the hand blender, however, it's very powerful motor gets the job done quicker. You’re guaranteed smooth results in
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  4. 3 types of hand blenders: a buying guide

    3 types of hand blenders: a buying guide
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  5. 6 small appliance festive gift ideas for every type of home chef

    6 small appliance festive gift ideas for every type of home chef

    It’s the festive season when you are gift shopping to pamper your loved ones and show appreciation to your friends and family. What can you give him/her this Christmas that they don’t already own and will be smiling with glee to receive? Perhaps something that is on their wish list and something that is practical, especially for those who enjoy spending time in the kitchen.

    Braun designs are not just innovative and functional but look sleek enough to make art pieces in the kitchen. Home chefs love Braun appliances for their convenience, performance, and reliability in dishing out their best food and drinks hassle-free.

    This year, we have curated a list of six of our bestselling small appliances as festive gift ideas for every type of home chef. Warm the hearts of home chefs you know with our small appliances and keep all their loved ones, and maybe you, belly-happy for months way after the festive season.

    Which one describes the home chef you are shopping for? We have the ideal small appliance for them. 

    1. MultiQuick 7 Hand Blender for the passionate home chef 

    He/she spends more time in the kitchen than anywhere else at home. Believes in making everything from scratch and cooks for home parties. May have a small kitchen and does not own many kitchen gadgets.

    Braun’s hand blenders

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