Top 10 time-saving ironing hacks for a more enjoyable festive season

The festive season is a time for vacations, partying, and spending quality time with your kids who are on school holidays. No matter which one best describes you, it can be a busy and stressful time of the year. Here are ten time-saving ironing hacks for a more enjoyable festive season.

Look dashing with your party dresses and outfits even while on vacation, with our ironing hacks that will leave you time for gift shopping. We show you how to easily iron while taking care of those special tablecloths, table runners, and cushion covers that you only take out during festive occasions. 

1) Iron delicate and low temperature fabrics first before high temperature fabrics

Save time by sorting your laundry according to fabric then start with ironing delicates and other fabrics that require low temperatures. By the time you get to non-crease-friendly materials like cotton, denim, and linen, the iron's temperature will be hot enough to iron them easily. No time is wasted waiting for the iron to cool down or heat up to your desired temperature setting.

2) Invest in a steam generator iron

Say yes to steam, the secret weapon to removing wrinkles fast. Did you know the powerful steam of the steam generator iron can permeate multiple layers of fabric at once? Even ironing large items like tablecloths, bed linen and curtains will be a breeze.

If you frequently have to iron a large load of laundry or like your clothing and soft furnishings to look like they came from the dry cleaners, a steam generator iron like the Carestyle 7 will de-wrinkle them in half the time compared to a steam iron. Braun steam generator irons also have modes to treat and protect every kind of fabric. 

3) Keep your iron clean and descale regularly

To keep your iron functioning at its optimum, descaling is important to unclog steam vents and remove limescale from the water tank.

Braun irons have self-cleaning systems which make it convenient to upkeep your iron and ensure efficient ironing with powerful steam and a spotless soleplate for smooth gliding across fabrics.

Continuous strong steam output and a spotless sole plate mean quicker ironing and easier removal of creases. 

4) Choose a good ironing board

The ironing board is almost as important as the iron itself for fast and easy ironing. A sturdy, good size and height ironing board will help you save time and clear that pile of ironing quicker. A sturdy board can take the weight of the iron especially a Steam Generator Iron with a heavy water tank. Neatly pressed fabrics require a flat and firm surface when you press to remove wrinkles effectively. What’s more, you can press fabrics harder without worrying about the board toppling over, allowing you peace of mind to iron faster. If you don't have a big ironing board that can support the weight of the Steam Generator Iron's water tank, place the water tank on a nearby shelf, chair, or tabletop. The 1.8m long cord makes it convenient for you to iron freely even from a distance.  

5) Lay aluminium foil under your ironing board cover


This is a hack if you don’t have an ironing board cover with a heat-reflective surface that retains the heat better to speed up de-wrinkling your clothes. Place the reflective side of the foil upwards.

6) Reduce the spin speed of your washing machine

Set the machine wash cycle to reduce the spin speed at the end of the wash- cycle to minimise creases from forming after spin drying at a high speed. Remove the laundry immediately before wrinkles form and give your clothes and furnishings a good shake out before drying to make ironing easier later on.

7) Shake, dry, and hang clothes as soon as possible

The longer you leave your clothes and linen in the washer after washing, the more likely creases will form and make it harder to iron. These are a few ways to dry your clothes:

  • Shake them out before you hang them on a line. Peg the bottom of the item you’re drying and let gravity straighten out your clothes, linen, tablecloths etc.
  • Hang your clothes on hangers, put them on a rack and let them air dry in the sun.
  • If you’re using an airer or drying rack, laying your clothes flat will minimise creases so you spend less time ironing. 

8) Tricks to make ironing pleats faster

The festive season is the time to take out that pleated dress/ skirt and dress shirt with pleats that have been sitting in your wardrobe. Pleats are treacherous territory but with these tips, you can iron pleats quickly and maintain their shape as you socialise and party away.

  • Pleated dress - Steam irons are great for this. Select the lowest setting, follow the direction of the original pleat so as to keep its shape, and push the top layer of fabric firmly into the material. Alternatively, use a steam generator iron vertically to steam the dress while it is hung up.
  • Knife pleats skirt - For overlapping pleats, use pins or paper clips to hold the pleats in place to quicken the job. Do not glide the iron across the pleats as the pleats will shift. First, place the iron down at the top of the pleats to let steam permeate the layers, then pick up the iron and place it down at the bottom of the pleats. Repeat until all the pleats are smoothed.
  • Pleated blouses and tuxedo shirts - Iron the pleated area last, starting from top to bottom. Straighten all the pleats in one direction using your hands, place a pressing cloth on the pleats and place the iron on the cloth, let it sit for a while to smooth the pleats, and work your down to the bottom

9) De-wrinkle clothes while you have a hot shower

Multi-task by showering and de-wrinkling at the same time. Hang a blouse or shirt inside the bathroom while you shower and let the steam from your hot shower remove creases for you. Shirts are easier to iron when they are slightly damp, so to remove any remaining creases, iron straight away when you finish your shower. This method works better on thinner fabrics that are lightly creased.

10) No ironing while traveling

Are you taking your family on a vacation this year-end or traveling overseas to spend the festive season with your family? Here's a hack for crisp clothes even while traveling and it does not involve ironing.

You can choose to pack crease-resistant clothing like polyester blend clothing and other manmade fabrics like denim, Tencel, knits, and spandex that do not crease easily. When packing your suitcase, roll your clothes instead of folding them so creases do not form from the weight of your belongings.

Hanging your clothes up at your accommodation instead of leaving them in your suitcase will help you look dapper while traveling. Don't forget tip #9 if you need to refresh your clothing. Leave the chores at home and enjoy the festive season!


You don't want to miss out on festive season fun because of ironing chores. Free up time during the festive season with our top ten time-saving ironing hacks and enjoy quality time with your family and friends. 

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