2 types of jug blenders: Braun PowerBlend 3 vs Braun Identity Collection Jug Blender - A buying guide

Once upon a time, there was only the jug blender - A jug with a blade system that sits on a motorised base. It is used to process soft ingredients into fine pieces, pastes, and purees but models with a powerful motor and strong blade can process hard ingredients like ice.

The jug blender is commonly used to make creamy soups, smoothies, dressings, pesto sauces, etc. To use, fill the jug with ingredients to blend, put the lid on and start blending.

These days, there is the hand blender (also known as immersion blender/stick blender) - compact, handheld, and with a blade system, is a contender that performs the same functions as the jug blender. Instead of filling ingredients into a jug in the case of a jug blender, the hand blender shaft is immersed into the ingredients inside any vessel. 

Do I still need a jug blender when the hand blender which takes up less space can perform the same functions? Let's consider the advantages of a jug blender vs a hand blender.

What are the advantages of a jug blender vs a hand blender?

  • Powerful Motor for efficient and smooth results
    The jug blender may take up more space than the hand blender, however, it's very powerful motor gets the job done quicker. You’re guaranteed smooth results in less time.
  • Works through toughest ingredients effortlessly like frozen fruit, ice cubes, beetroot, and beans without straining the motor.
  • No manual handling, you can set the blender speed and let it run on its own.
  • Convenient and efficient processing of large quantities with a larger capacity jug and no strain on hand or wrist. 
  • Thermal-resistant jug blends both hot and cold temperature liquids without worrying about jug cracking
  • Safety features – Lid is required to be securely in place before the blender can be switched on

What to consider when buying a jug blender?

First, ask yourself what you want to use the jug blender for and how often will you be using the blender. These will help you decide whether a basic jug blender will be good enough to meet your kitchen needs or do you need a blender with bells and whistles.

Key features and functions to consider when buying a jug blender

  • Jug capacity & material
  • Variable speed and pulse mode
  • Material of parts
  • Functionality
  • Ease of cleaning - Dishwasher safe?
  • Wattage of motor
  • Product weight & dimensions
  • Safety features

We will use Braun’s PowerBlend 3 and Identity Collection Jug Blender as examples in this buying guide.

Innovative technology

Braun’s appliances have innovative technology to help you finish kitchen tasks to a high standard efficiently and with little effort.

Both jug blenders (PowerBlend 3 and Identity Collection Jug Blender) are designed with:

1) TriAction Technology: Triangular jug for better blending circulation.

Able to reach all blind spots during blending and redirects food towards the blades for smoother blending efficiency and consistency.

2) SmoothCrush Blade System

The angle and design of the blade allow efficient blending circulation within the goblet. This creates the perfect flow and vortex for optimal blending results with less effort.

Summary of key features and functions

We compared the key features and functions of the PowerBlend 3 and Identity Collection Jug Blender and summarised our findings in the chart below. 

Functions & features

Identity Collection Jug Blender 

PowerBlend 3

Jug capacity

1.6L jug

1.5L jug

Speed Settings & Pulse mode

-5 pre-set modes for common blending tasks & pulse mode for total manual control

- Press button on base to select mode

- Variable speed & pulse mode

- Turn knob to adjust speed

Power Assistant Technology

Blender auto senses contents and maintains optimal speed to power through all the ingredients.


Silent blending

Yes, robust metal die-cast base is made of long-lasting quality material and reduces noise.

Yes, blender is designed for it to minimize disturbance

Ice crush program

Pre-set mode to crush ice automatically. Blender controls the timing.


Blending icy drinks

Yes, thermal resistant glass jug

Yes, thermal resistant glass jug

Smoothie2go cups

2 cups. Blend directly inside the cup, seal with cover

Not included

Ease of cleaning

-The blade system in the jug can be disassembled easily to wash.

- Dishwasher safe

- All parts can be disassembled easily to wash

-Dishwasher safe



Base material & colour

Die-cast metal base, Stainless steel colour

Plastic, Black

Wattage (W)



Product weight



Product dimensions

412 x 203mm

400 x 200mm

PowerBlend 3 – The power to control blending is in your hands

Variable speed that you control

The PowerBlend 3 gives you total control of the speed to achieve the exact consistency and size that you desire when blending and chopping.

The black plastic base features a turn-knob where you can easily control the speed seamlessly and switch to pulse mode for chopping larger chunks of ingredients.

Blend hot and cold liquids with ease

The thermal-resistant jug handles hot and cold liquids without you worrying about the jug cracking. At 800W, it will be able to perform your daily blending tasks efficiently and with smooth results. To protect the motor from overheating, the blender will stop automatically after 10 minutes.

Light enough to make storing easy

Weighing just 2.29kg and 2.5kg lighter than the Identity Collection Jug Blender, this makes the PowerBlend 3 easy to carry in and out of your cabinet, ideal if space is limited on your countertop.  

Who is it suitable for?

If you don’t use the blender very often and only need a blender for liquefying soft ingredients,  the PowerBlend 3 is suitable for you. The light weight makes carrying it in and out of your cabinet easy. The PowerBlend 3 is ideal if you like full control of the speed when blending to achieve your desired consistency in creamy soups, sauces, smoothies, and milkshakes.   

For a jug blender that can handle heavy-duty blending and process hard ingredients effortlessly such as crushing ice automatically, our Identity Collection Jug Blender will make a better choice. Read on to learn more. 

Identity Collection Jug Blender – Let Smart Tech do the blending for you

Power Assist Technology for optimal blending

The blender auto senses the contents inside the jug and maintains the optimal speed to power through all the ingredients inside.

5 Preset modes for tailored blending needs

The Identity Collection Jug blender has five preset modes, a pulse button, and a crush-ice button. Our instruction manual provides a guide that suggests the suitable speed/mode and timing for blending soup, making icy drinks, mixing cake batter, and more.

Press your selected mode button to start and stop the blender. There's also a neat feature where the blender turns off automatically after 2 minutes of processing.

Smoothie2go cups for smoothies wherever you go

Only available with the Identity Collection Jug blender, drink healthy homemade smoothies on the go with our blend-easy Smoothie2go cups. Waste no time transferring the smoothie or cleaning the jug blender. Fill the cups with your favourite fruits and yogurt and throw in some ice. Attach to the base and blend.

After blending, cover with our secure pop-up lids and you’re good to go with a morning breakfast smoothie and a pre-workout smoothie for after work.

Crush ice effortlessly

The Identity Collection Jug blender comes with a pre-set timer that automatically crushes ice cubes into fine pieces. If you wanted bigger pieces of crushed ice, activating the pulse function will do the job, giving you control over the size of crushed ice. Crushing ice has never been easier.

Sturdy, durable, and stylish with a robust die-cast finish

There's no need to worry about overheating the blender or making too much noise at full speed, thanks to the sturdy and durable die-cast motor base that allows the blender to operate for long periods at high speeds without straining the motor.

A modern centrepiece for your countertop

Weighing 4.79kg, the Identity Collection Jug blender could be cumbersome to move around. We recommend placing the blender on your countertop for easy accessibility, convenience, and a touch of stylish minimalism in your kitchen. 

Who is it suitable for?

For busy home chefs who like to experience Braun's smart technology and want to enjoy greater versatility in food preparation with a multi-functional and high-performance blender. The powerful 1000W motor chops through hard foods and crushes ice effortlessly, giving you the flexibility to use the jug blender as a food chopper and ice crusher besides liquefying ingredients. 

The ice-crushing function is especially loved by home bartenders and mixologists. Entertain your family and friends with homemade frappes, smoothies, and cocktails. For smoothie lovers, blend your smoothies directly inside the smoothie2go cups and take them anywhere. 


Choosing a jug blender that fits your kitchen needs can be difficult when you don't know where to begin and what key features and functions to consider. 

Knowing your purpose for buying a blender and how frequently you cook are good starting points. If you are the occasional cook and don't see yourself using the blender very often, an entry-level model like the PowerBlend 3 is reliable to blend soft foods and make drinks efficiently.

If you cook frequently or have a lot of food preparation to get through, the powerful Identity Collection Jug blender is a durable workhorse that blends, chops, and even crushes ice effortlessly. Utilising Braun's smart technology in this blender, you are guaranteed efficiency and optimal results in your food preparation.

Discover their full features and capabilities at our online store and find the right blender for you.

1) Identity Collection Jug blender

2) PowerBlend 3