3 types of hand blenders: a buying guide

Hand blenders (also known as immersion/stick blenders) have become popular tools home chefs use for efficient and convenient food preparation. With numerous models of hand blenders available in the market and prices ranging from $40 - $300, how much should you spend on a hand blender, and if it is worth your money?

A good place to start is to ask yourself what will you be using the hand blender for. How frequently do you expect to use the hand blender, do you cook every day? Is your goal only to find a convenient solution to make smoothies and blend creamy soups?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you decide which features and functions are key considerations in choosing the right blender for your needs and if it warrants spending on a hand blender with bells and whistles.

Comparison of MultiQuick 7 (MQ7045X), MultiQuick 5 Vario, and MultiQuick 3 Smoothie+.

In this guide, we compare 3 models from Braun’s MultiQuick range and look at their unique features and explain what you should consider when picking the right hand-blender for you. We will be comparing the MultiQuick 7 (MQ7045X), MultiQuick 5 Vario, and MultiQuick 3 Smoothie+.


MultiQuick 7


MultiQuick 5 Vario

MultiQuick 3 Smoothie+

Speed settings & speed regulation

Intuitive, seamless variable speed from low to high.

User adjusts hand pressure on button to increase or reduce speed. Uninterrupted speed change.  

21 variable speeds +turbo boost, controlled using a dial.

Adjust with thumb while holding the blender arm single-handedly. Uninterrupted speed change. 

Dual Speed control.

Toggle between two buttons to adjust speed. Has to stop motor in order to change speed.

Included Accessories & attachments

350ml Chopper

1.25L Chopper/ blender jug

Stainless steel whisk

600ml BPA-free plastic beaker

500ml Chopper

600ml BPA-free plastic beaker

Stainless steel whisk

600ml BPA-free plastic beaker

Add-on accessories


Puree & Masher

Coffee & spice grinder

500ml Chopper



Crush Ice

Yes, 1.25L chopper/ blending jug with ice crushing knife



ActiveBlade Technology: Flexible shaft for finer results




Wattage (W)




Able to chop hard foods

eg. Ginger, hard cheese with hand blender shaft

Yes, ultra-hard stainless steel blade



All three hand blenders come with Braun's innovative technology such as:

1. PowerBell Plus Technology for SplashControl so you can blend foods efficiently while keeping you and your kitchen spotless. The extra milling blade also means faster cutting and finer results.

2. EasyClick System or EasyClick System+ so you can switch between accessories quickly and easily. All it takes is a click to fix accessories to the motor arm. It's that easy! 

Here we will explain each model’s capabilities and functions in detail to help you decide which model is the most suitable for your needs.

1. MultiQuick 3 Smoothie+ - No frills hand blender for quick and fuss-free blending of ingredients

The MultiQuick 3 Smoothie+ is straightforward to use with two speeds to select with a touch of a button. The 700W motor blends chopped fruits into a smoothie without needing to add liquid, fill the 600ml beaker with your favourite fruits, immerse the hand blender into the beaker, and work your way down the layers of fruits, blending until all the fruit pieces are pureed and become a thick and creamy smoothie. 

If you are looking for a handy assistant to make your morning smoothies fast and easy, puree hot soups, make mayonnaise, and blend sauces, the MultiQuick 3 Smoothie+ is the right blender for you. As it does not come with attachments, it is best used for liquefying only. 

Dual-speed control

Equipped with two speeds, the MultiQuick 3 Smoothie+ will not give you as much control in varying the speeds and achieving precise coarseness or fineness as compared to the MultiQuick 5 Vario and MultiQuick 7 (MQ7045X), which have 21 speeds to select from and a scale of low to high speeds respectively. 

If you are looking for a versatile hand blender that can help you perform almost any task for efficient food prep, the MultiQuick 5 Vario and MultiQuick 7 (MQ7045X) will serve you better. Read on to learn more.

2. MultiQuick 5 Vario - Full power and full control with some versatility

The MultiQuick 5 Vario has a 21-speed dial easily controlled by your thumb so you have maximum control whether you are blending, chopping, or whisking. Adjust the speed easily turning the dial without interruption while the motor is running to achieve your desired results in food prep. Have full control over the coarseness and fineness of foods you are processing and get the finest results by pressing the turbo boost button.

Versatile, space-saving & economical 

Versatility comes in the form of a 500ml chopper and whisk attachments. Save storage space and save money buying separate appliances, the EasyClick System makes switching attachments as simple as a click. 

500ml Chopper 

Powered by a 1000W motor, the chopper attachment chops hard food like cheese, carrots, nuts, and even meat. Grate your own parmesan cheese, make your own peanut butter, mince, and mix your gyoza meat filling efficiently, there's so much you can do with the chopper attachment.


The whisk attachment is capable of performing the same functions as a stand mixer but it's much lighter to handle, barely takes up countertop space, and is more convenient to set up. Make your desserts and complete all your whisking jobs effortlessly.

The MultiQuick 5 Vario is ideal if you like a reliable and versatile hand blender with a dial speed control. It will be good enough for daily home use to speed up your food preparation for meals, desserts, and drinks. For the serious home chef who prioritises flexibility to stretch their creativity and a heavy-duty assistant, the MultiQuick 7 will be your ultimate choice. Read on to understand why.  

3. MultiQuick 7 (MQ7045X) - True versatility, high performance, and the ultimate kitchen assistant

The MultiQuick 7 (MQ7045X) gives you true versatility and freedom to be creative in preparing food with multiple accessories like a chopper, jug blender, whisk, masher, and spice grinder that easily click in place with the blender arm. 

The MultiQuick 7 features Braun's new innovative technology such as: 

  1. ActiveBlade Technology

A flexible blending shaft that moves up and down, it allows for 250% more active cutting surface than the MultiQuick 3 Smoothie+ and MultiQuick 5 Vario, so your job is done even faster and with finer results. 

  1. EasySmart Speed 

Where you control the speed with a squeeze of the hand blender arm single-handedly. The harder you squeeze, the faster the speed which gives more power no matter what accessory you are using. 

High performance

Built with superior parts, the ultra-hard stainless steel knife and 1000W powerful motor, guarantee optimal performance in every accessory to deliver results, be it blending baby food, emulsifying mayonnaise, making nut butter, or crushing ice for a smoothie. 

The MultiQuick 7 (MQ7045X) is ideal for homemakerswho cook a lot and want versatility, intuitive speed control, and efficiency for superior results in food prep. If you have been holding out on buying kitchen appliances because of a cramped kitchen, the MultiQuick 7 hand blender is an all-in-one kitchen appliance that is space-friendly and helps you save time and money.  

Get to know your ultimate kitchen assistant here.


For basic blending jobs, our MultiQuick 3 Smoothie+, will get the job done fast and can make a good smoothie! For home cooks who like a dial speed control and function flexibility, check out the MultiQuick 5 Vario which comes with 21 speeds and a few accessories.

For serious home chefs who cook a lot, discover the MultiQuick 7 Hand blender, it's the ultimate all-in-one appliance and kitchen assistant you need for quick and easy food prep. Experience full versatility, style, efficiency, and convenience in the kitchen with our multi-award-winning hand blender - MultiQuick 7.