6 small appliance festive gift ideas for every type of home chef

It’s the festive season when you are gift shopping to pamper your loved ones and show appreciation to your friends and family. What can you give him/her this Christmas that they don’t already own and will be smiling with glee to receive? Perhaps something that is on their wish list and something that is practical, especially for those who enjoy spending time in the kitchen.

Braun designs are not just innovative and functional but look sleek enough to make art pieces in the kitchen. Home chefs love Braun appliances for their convenience, performance, and reliability in dishing out their best food and drinks hassle-free.

This year, we have curated a list of six of our bestselling small appliances as festive gift ideas for every type of home chef. Warm the hearts of home chefs you know with our small appliances and keep all their loved ones, and maybe you, belly-happy for months way after the festive season.

Which one describes the home chef you are shopping for? We have the ideal small appliance for them. 

1. MultiQuick 7 Hand Blender for the passionate home chef 

He/she spends more time in the kitchen than anywhere else at home. Believes in making everything from scratch and cooks for home parties. May have a small kitchen and does not own many kitchen gadgets.

Braun’s hand blenders come with a wide range of attachments and accessories, expanding its functions beyond liquefying to being able to chop, slice, crush ice, grind hard foods, whisk and mash. (Refer to the MultiQuick 7 page to see which accessories are included in the box.)

Passionate home chefs will love the MultiQuick 7 for its multi-functions help them whiz through daily food prep effortlessly and easily whip up wholesome meals for family and friends.

Capable of performing many kitchen tasks, it makes the ultimate kitchen assistant whether they're preparing a simple family meal, fancy feast or experimenting with new recipes.

Discover the full features and capabilities of the MultiQuick 7 here.

2. Hand Blender add-ons for home chefs who own compatible hand blenders to provide greater versatility 

The Coffee & Spice grinder attachment and Masher are two of the most valuable add-ons to give someone who owns a MultiQuick 7 Hand Blender. The masher makes mashing potatoes and peas effortless, even mashing baby food which busy mothers would find so helpful in freeing up time without compromising on taste and texture.

If you're gifting for a small family or single, the coffee & spice grinder is of a good size to grind small quantities of coffee beans and whole spices, it's undeniable that food tastes bests when made with fresh ingredients. 

Check out the range of useful add-ons for the MultiQuick 7 and strengthen every kitchen arsenal for more joyous culinary adventures everyday.  

3. Spin Juicer for juice lovers, health enthusiasts & clean eating advocates 

For health enthusiasts, who like a vitamin boost first thing in the morning, Braun’s high-performance Spin Juicer only takes 15 seconds to turn whole fruit into pure juice straight into your glass or the jug separator. Waste no time cutting, feed whole fruit and big chunks into the large chute and the auto-feed system for super convenient juicing.

The Spin Juicer lets you jazz up your daily intake of vitamins and minerals on days when you feel like a refreshing drink. Convenient and efficient to use, the Spin Juicer has found its way to many juice lovers' and clean eating advocates' wish lists. It's also handy for juicing fruit and vegetables when cooking, baking and making cocktails. 

Gift shopping for a juice lover, health enthusiast or clean diet advocate? Brighten up their Christmas with the Spin Juicer and help them segue from festive feasting to healthy eating in the New Year. 

4. MultiMix 3 Hand Mixer for the baking enthusiast

Buying a gift for a budding home baker or someone who loves to make dough from scratch? The MultiMix 3 Comes with 3 essential tools for every kind of baking prep. These are:

1) Whisks for mixing cake batters and macaron meringue, whipped cream etc

2) Dough hooks for making bread, pie crust, pizza and pasta dough

3) PowerBell Blending shaft for blending or combining ingredients

Great ergonomics ensure comfort while using the mixer for longer without straining your hand. Designed with a soft grip handle with the motor’s weight directly over the attachments and pointing towards the bowl lightens the load in your hand by up to 40%.

This versatile and compact mixer makes a great gift for a home baker without a spacious kitchen countertop to place a standing mixer. The MultiMix 3 Hand Mixer is ideal for home baking. Delight the home-baker with hours of playing with eggs, flour and sugar as they create tempting treats like cakes, artisanal bread and pastries. Experience lil' Italy making pizza and pasta while having fun getting their hands dirtied in flour. Boun Appetito!

5. Citrus Juicer for the home cook who loves turning lemons into lemonade

Ever get frustrated by the amount of effort needed to manually squeeze every drop of juice out of oranges, lemons, and limes? For the home cook or the home bartender who often uses freshly squeezed juice from citrus fruit, the Citrus Juicer will be the ideal gift this Christmas to help them extract juices fast and effortlessly.

Two unique features of this juicer are

  1. The practical measurement indicator that measures the exact dosage you need for your recipe without the need for a separate measuring tool.
  2. Having control over the pulpiness by adjusting the jug within the pulp scale 

Whether you want it pulp-free for a cocktail or a sauce or a bit of pulp for extra fibre in your OJ, our Citrus Juicer can do it all for you.

The left and right rotation of the juicer extracts juices effortlessly. Simply press down the halved fruit on the juicer to start juicing, and release pressing down to stop the juicer.

Surprise your loved one with this small but smart Citrus Juicer that is so convenient and practical. The lightweight handling also makes it easy for anyone to operate the juicer and for kids to help out in the kitchen with adult supervision.

6. FreshSet Burr Coffee Grinder KG7070 for the coffee lover

Are you gift shopping for a coffee connoisseur or a home barista who is particular about their coffee's flavour and body? Do they get excited about the science behind grinding coffee beans? The FreshSet Burr Coffee Grinder is a great gift for them.

It has 15 settings to calibrate coffee grind size giving them perfect control to achieve grounds that fit their preferred flavour profile and preparation technique (French press, drip, or espresso).

The individual cup selector (2-12 cups) grinds only what you need, so you always have fresh grounds to enjoy coffee with maximum flavour.

Our quality burrs work in a way that preserves the coffee in the best condition to maintain the flavour. What’s more, when grinding, the thermal protector warns when the temperature is too high to prevent spoiling the beans or overheating the grinder.

Delight your home-barista family or friends with the FreshSet Burr Coffee Grinder and they’ll be thinking of you when they're enjoying their perfect cuppa.


Besides celebration, the festive season is a time to plan for the New Year ahead. Eating healthy, honing cooking skills, spending less on dining out, and eating family meals at home may be some of the resolutions your loved ones have.

Our small appliances are designed to improve lives and make eating healthy easy. Braun Household has a product for every kind of home chef to help them save time, eat healthily and cook effortlessly. Gift your loved ones a Braun small appliance this Christmas and show you care for their well-being.

We have listed our six bestselling small appliances, for other innovative appliances which every home chef would love to own, discover more on our Braun Household website.