6 things to look out for in a hand blender: a buying guide

With the plethora of hand blenders available, it can be difficult to decide on the right hand blender to buy. Most of us have limited kitchen space and limited cash to splurge on every appliance that catches our fancy, how then can we make a wise purchase?

A good starting point is by asking yourself what your needs are. Will you be preparing meals from scratch, if yes, invest in a multi-functional hand blender that can chop, slice, blend, whisk, pulverise, you name it. Look for models with accessories and attachments that will make your food prep a breeze.

How frequently will you be cooking? If you’re an everyday home chef, then yes, buy a good quality and robust hand blender, something hardy enough to undertake heavy-duty usage without overworking the appliance.

The rare, occasional home-cooked meal may not warrant splurging on a hand blender with bells and whistles. An entry-level model with the essential functions would suffice in this case to whip up a delightful meal.

In this guide, we explain how to pick the right model for you, and key features to consider before buying.

6 things to look out for when buying a hand blender

1. Material of the hand blender

How long the hand blender lasts may depend on the material it’s made of. Plastic shafts break more easily than metal ones from overuse and misuse. The plastic shafts tend to be stained by food with strong colour (eg. beetroot, turmeric) and absorb smells from food.

Metal shafts are more durable than plastics as they can withstand hot and cold. If you have in mind to be blending hot liquids (soup, sauce) regularly, a metal shaft is recommended, and check that the length fits the depth of the stock pot, to ensure optimal blending for that silky-smooth result.

Braun's hand blender shafts are made of stainless steel to ensure a longer life span and flexibility for all uses. Learn more about our range of hand blenders here. 

2. Power Wattage & Blade Capability

How much wattage is enough for a blender that fits your needs? How much wattage does a good hand blender need? The short answer is it depends on how you plan to use your hand blender.

To blend soft foods like soups, milkshakes, and sauces, 250W would be sufficient to do the job. For combining thick sauces, batters, and unsoftened butter, a higher wattage would help to provide extra cutting power, even more so when chopping hard foods like nuts, frozen fruit, and cheese.

The wattage powers the motor which drives the speed at which the blades rotate. A powerful motor and a well-built blade can blend, cut, and chop effortlessly, without straining the motor. 

Some models of hand blenders come with accessories that expand the functions of a hand blender. A higher wattage motor is required to ensure it has enough power for accessories like a chopper, jug blender with an ice-crushing blade, or spice grinder to perform and deliver superior results.

An example is the Braun MultiQuick 7 Hand blender, highly versatile at 1000W and equipped with accessories to expand the functions beyond blending.

Read on to decide whether a basic hand blender or a higher-end blender with the bells and whistles is the right one for your needs.

3. Accessories

What appliances do you already have at home? Are you only looking to blend soft foods easily or are you looking for a versatile appliance that will be up to the task, no matter how big or small?

If you're looking for a hand blender mainly to blend and aren't too fussy about performance, we recommend our entry-level models like the MultiQuick Vario 5 and MultiQuick 3 Smoothie+, good enough for normal daily use.

But to enjoy true versatility and convenience, choose hand blenders that come with multiple accessories like a chopper, jug blender, whisk, masher, and spice grinder to declutter your kitchen and help you save time and money.

A 1000W multi-functional hand blender is top of the range for home use. Like Braun's MultiQuick 7 that's built with superior parts and compatible with accessories to perform many functions. The very powerful motor guarantees optimal performance in every accessory to deliver results, be it blending baby food, emulsifying mayonnaise, chopping nuts, or crushing ice for a smoothie. 

Discover our MultiQuick 7 Hand blender with its range of accessories here and how it can help you save money and bring convenience.

4. Variable speeds

Would you be comfortable with holding down a button for a while to control the speed or do you prefer a dial to turn to adjust the speed?

A hand blender with variable speeds controllable by the user allows you to control the speed and achieve the right consistency and texture that you desire in your sauces, drinks, and soups.

There are hand blenders with dual speed controls, and others with variable speeds. Consider your needs, if you prefer to have precise control over the speed, pick a hand blender that gives you control over the speed either through a button or a dial.

Like Braun’s MultiQuick 7 Hand Blender intuitive speed control feature where you simply apply pressure on the control button to adjust the power seamlessly as you blend. For a gentle speed, squeeze the button lightly and for a faster speed, simply apply more pressure to increase the speed without interruption.

If you prefer a dial, Braun MultiQuick 5 Vario hand blender features a dial with 21 speeds controlled in one hand. As you blend, simultaneously adjust the speed dial giving you maximum precision and perfect control over the consistency and texture you want.

5. Ergonomic and Easy handling

Always test out the hand blender if you can before purchase to have a feel of the weight and grip when using it. It should sit comfortably in your hand, with easy-to-reach controls, and feel natural when you are handling the blender arm and moving it up and down.

Generally, big buttons, easy-to-reach controls, lightweight, and good grip allow for easy handling. Depending on the task at hand, you might be holding the blender arm for extended periods and good ergonomics would provide comfort to keep fatigue far away.

Braun MultiQuick Hand blenders are well-balanced, with a soft grip handle and EasyClick accessories, designed ergonomically to ensure comfort for you. Learn more here.

6. Ease of Cleaning

Isn’t cooking more enjoyable when it’s not followed by tedious cleanup? Hand blenders aren't only convenient to use, but they're also a breeze to clean, rinsing the shaft and blade under water after use, removes food stuck around the blade. Some models have detachable parts which are dishwasher safe.

Designs with fewer vents and a roomier blade cover are easier to clean as they prevent food from getting trapped in the shaft. Choose models with features that prevent splashing and keep your kitchen clean and spotless, like Braun’s hand blender range, equipped with SplashControl Technology to make blending mess-free. Learn more here.

Our MultiQuick 7 series also comes with accessories that are dishwasher safe so clean-up is easy.


There are countless models of hand blenders out there, available at a fairly wide price range from $40 - $300. How do you know how much you should spend on a hand blender, what you are paying for, and whether the blender can perform the functions you need to prep food fast?

The material, motor power, blade, accessories, features, and ergonomics contribute to the cost, quality, durability, and usability of the hand blender.

For basic blending, our MultiQuick 3 Smoothie+, will get the job done fast. For home cooks who like a dial speed-control and function flexibility, check out the MultiQuick Vario 5 which comes with a few accessories.

For serious home cooks who cook a lot, discover the MultiQuick 7 Hand blender, it's the ultimate all-in-one appliance and kitchen assistant you need for quick and easy food prep. Experience full versatility, style, efficiency, and convenience in the kitchen with our multi-award-winning design blender - MultiQuick 7