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Freshly ground coffee is the secret to great flavour. And Braun’s new Burr Coffee Grinder is the ideal accessory for the perfect cup of coffee. 15 grind settings from course to very fine allow you to customize the grind to your preferred method of preparation: French press, drip or espresso. The conveniently labelled grind dial puts you in complete control. And the individual cup selector makes it easy to prepare just the right amount of freshly ground coffee needed.

SGD 149.00


  • 15 grind settings

    Simply turn the dial to customize your grind to fit your personal preference and brew type - French press, drip or espresso. 

  • Professional burr grinder technology

    Produces superior uniform grinding results for a better tasting brew. The burrs also create very little heat when grinding, leaving the flavours intact. 

  • Individual cup selector

    Just the right amount - enjoy easy selection from 2 up to 12 cups.

  • Overheat protection

    Coffee beans lose flavour if they get too hot during grinding. This feature warns you if the grinding system gets too hot, potentially harming coffee flavour.

  • Large 220g transparent bean container

    The transparent bean container can hold 220 grams of coffee beans and features a wide opening for easy filling.

  • Easy cleaning

    The circularly shaped container and the specially designed brush make cleaning easy and convenient.

  • Removable grinds container

    Designed to make the counting of coffee scoops easy and intuitive, the removable container lets you easily pour the right amount of ground coffee directly into your coffee maker.

  • Dishwasher safe

    Refer to the instruction manual for detailed information on which parts are dishwasher safe.

  • BPA-free

    All parts that come into contact with the coffee beans have been certified to be BPA-free through third-party testing.

  • Cord storage

    Cleverly designed to help keep your kitchen counter clean and make storage easy.


General specifications
Wattage (W) 110
Colour Stainless Steel
Number of cups 12


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