Aromaster Classic Coffee Machine

With Braun Coffeemakers enjoy a perfectly balanced cup of coffee - time after time.
SGD 89.00


  • AromaCarafe

    With Braun’s AromaCarafe you will be able to enjoy your cup of coffee with the same excellent aroma and taste – even long after brewing. Thanks to the specially designed form and small lid opening, the temperature is retained inside, thus always ensuring the same exquisite aroma. Enjoy exceptional coffee taste longer without having to brew a new pot.

  • Anti-drip System

    You don’t have to wait. Braun coffee makers let you pour yourself a cup whenever you like. Just remove the AromaCarafe and the flow of coffee from the filter basket stops. Place it inside again to let the rest of your fresh brewed coffee flow through.

  • Auto-shut-off

    For your safety and convenience, the Braun CaféHouse and Sommelier coffeemakers feature an auto-off function. It automatically switches your coffeemaker off after a defined period of time, so you can tend to other things without worry


General specifications
Wattage 1000W


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